Personal Information
Date of Birth 04.10.1980
Residence Berlin & Düsseldorf – Germany
Areas of Expertise Software Languages Hobbies
Animation Maya German (nativ) Music (Clarinet, Sax, Ukulele)
Previs Photoshop English (fluent) Working & Constructing with Wood
Maya Generalist After Effects French (basic) Patchwork
Nuke (basic) Hiking, Swimming . . .
Houdini (basic)
ZBrush (basic)

Nice Words from Clients & Friends

Steffi was a hardworking member of our team that exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. The greatest compliment I can give any of the artist I work with is dependable. I could count on Steffi to take an assignment and complete that task quickly and correctly. She is self reliant and would seek out answers rather than waiting for help. She was instrumental in helping our team make our contractual deadlines for delivery. I would hire Steffi again in a minute and feel she would be a valuable member to any team.

Patrick Kearney (Executive Producer)LinkedIn

To whom it may concern,
Working with Steffi was a pleasure. She had the utmost professionalism and skills required to complete the tasks presented to her. Upon completion of the firsts tasks handed to her it was apparent that she was an asset to the team. When the next project presents itself, Steffi will be one of the first artist I contact.

When it comes to character animation and rigging Steffi is a great deal. She has a lot of knowledge and the abilities to use it, too. Never crossed the deadlines, doesn’t break in stressy times and delivers great quality. Thanks a lot.

Wir haben Steffi als sehr zuverlässige und vielseitige 3d-Artistin kennen gelernt. Sie hat bei uns sowohl technisch komplexe wie auch kreative Tasks sehr gut erfüllen können, ihre Zeitangaben und Selbsteinschätzungen waren dabei immer verlässlich.
Für uns war die Zusammenarbeit daher so wie wir es uns besser nicht wünschen können – gerne jederzeit wieder und eine klare Empfehlung!